The World of Cinemas : Past, Present and Future. Impact On Real Life

Cinematic Expressions and Derivations: Education doesn’t mean deriving knowledge from school going and book reading. Cinema is also an education for the benefit of all concerning Man and Society. In this regard any scientific and technological use in cinemas as cinematography must help people to educate them in the right way but should not use it as sole entertainment derivative.

Impact Of Movies On Human Mind (Positives, Negatives) Facts 

As a matter of fact, the entertainer, cinema, has since long been taken to to pure commercial to such a level of point of no return.  Thereby, the producers and exhibitors look forward to Box Office hits. As a result, every shot and scene  becomes a necessary event of commercial, thereby looses its  aim and naturality close to life.  Every cinema of any industry whether Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood or any wood.

Changing faces of Cinema:

After all, cinema  is to make people enjoy, entertain and elevate human life values through mythological, historical, folklore and social based contents.  In the beginning days of cinema, the films were limited to these areas only.  But now times have changed with the increase of technology and  there is a clear shift from the past and present day cinemas are taken to action oriented, horror bases and incredible star war movies.

Modern Cinema and its Extensions:

Now, the latest editions of Hollywood, followed up by all woods around the world are racing of unrealistic and incredible aspects of human drama with nature, animals and UFOs (Unfound Objects), like, Predator, Independence Day, Anaconda, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Avatar, Spider Man and Robot based cinemas. Of course, all are good to watch as they involve all technical aspects of cinematography.  

But, when it comes to actuality they are incredible takes and definitely leaving an imprint in the minds that they believe it near reality.  Then, that becomes part of their mind sets and forcibly set go for mental derailment and hallucinations.  Is this the aim of cinema making the people to dream life of unrealistic as real in the name of entertainment or to pep them unreal heroism, villainism and hooliganism, in stead of taking life as it is and as it comes and confront it  with real possible human solutions.

Future of Cinemas and peoples’ way of living:

It would be terrible even to think of. Man would be lost in Technology.  He is becoming more technical and leading mechanized life than be in natural. One assumption is we are in a 'simulated computer game’. 

The use of more Television, the cinema is brought into homes and the cinema theaters on the verge of closure.  And now the increase in smart phone use with internet access, the cinema exhibition has come to hand sets.  It is like keeping the devil in the hand or pocket.  It is to such an extent that the new born child feels as if he or she is downloaded than by natural means.

Ascribing cinema to Real life:

As audience are kept abreast with unnatural and unrealistic fictions before them they also have started feeling beyond their self doubting minds to, “whether aliens exist”, 

Anakonda is such a large snake, Sharks and Whales are dangerous and to overcome them we need big machinery and  they take revenge on humans. For example, the Avatar film projects that there are such human divine tribes who differ from normal modern people and have powers to combat with modern technology.  The Independence Day depicts as if the outer space objects would target us  and we must try to overcome with our superior technology.  The 2013 Doomsday film projects as if the earth would see its last day of existence.  All these fictions are only to make people thrilled and to go for extraordinary shots of take, sound effects, fight scenes, adding raw sex and then only the film is a super hit and is clicked. This must be changed in the mindsets of Producers and Exhibitors and turn their attitude to simple life events, reality shows which perhaps need only low budgets.  Then only the awful cinema would be awesome.

Need of the Hour: Cinema to promote Self Assertion:

The best films from any movie industry worldwide can not come close to one’s life.  As Shakespeare put it, “The world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players”.  Naturally, everyone of us has a movie of our life and if shared it becomes a treasure of human knowledge, wisdom and humility.  But, movies that are taken and presented before the audience from various sources now are all fictitious and unnatural and hero centric. The suggested move would be that You are the actor and script writer, directing your life with the thoughts that circulate in your mind, and at any point of time, you are acting your best.  That would be considered as the best cinema, perhaps !.

Thus, learn to watch your own movie rather than unrealistic, exaggerated fictitious movies of any kind and discover joys of the life given to you through self assertion.  That is the beauty of cinema. Remember, promoting cinemas of unnatural, unrealistic and gullible in nature and expression would only lead to deception of ourselves and our interests. Hope You would agree with me.