Demonetization 2016 Impact, Modi 50 Days Deadline Time Mitron.

RESULTS OF DEMONETIZATION ON 29-12-2016 !?. 50 days deadline is nearing, open letter to PM Modiji. Hello, Sriman Modiji, The Prime Minister, on 25th December 2016 "mann-ki-baat": Still you continue to assert and convince people with your histrionic acts and expressions over demonetization at the cost of continued deaths of innocent common people (108 dead).  You say the hardship of the  as mere inconvenience.  It seems you have no other option than posing that people are with you and are strongly backing your day-to-day "lathi charge" over corrupt money, gold and property matters.  By tomorrow the game of you would be over and the whiteness of you must be reflected on the faces of common people and the net result of 50 days turmoil in the livelihood matters and conditions of people must turn out to be "clean India" as you emphasized in your own style, "patchaas din - keval patchaas din - mai aap ko duunga Swatch Bharat" (Give me 50 days time and I give you back the clean India).

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Open Letter to PM Modi Demonetization Step

PM Modi Demonetization 50 days dead line Cash Crunch Status 

Jee Huzur, Now the responsibility is on your shoulders.  At least on the New Year's day, 1-1-2017, let us see the reality show of you in making "the corrupt country" as "corruption free country" - A Bright India.  If not, we leave the matter to you, to your conscience (mun) and consciousness (chaitanyam) - Namaste.