Swathi widow of US Techie Madhukar Reddy G commits suicide, in a serious condition

G Swathi widow of NRI US software engineer Madhukar committed suicide and is said to be in very critical condition. she is currently admitted to a private hospital in kothapet near her house and according to reports had tried to kill herself drinking a acidic liquid used for cleaning houses. latest news updates regarding her health condition will be updated here. Earlier Madhukar was found hanging in his home in Seattle on April 4th 2017.

Swathi G also commits suicide (Wife of Dead Madhukar Reddy G NRI Techie)

swathi g has committed suicide today 14th aprril 2017 by drinking a poisonous liquid. she is in a very critical state as said by the doctors of a local hospital in kothapet where she is admitted.

it can also be recalled that few days back the family members of Madhu allegedly assaulted his wife Swathi during his funeral in Bhongir near Hyderabad.

Dead US Techie Madhukar Reddy's Wife Commits Suicide 14th April 2017

When Reddy's body was brought to his home for last rites, Swathi arrived for the last rites, but her in-laws and their relatives assaulted her in public view, alleging that she was responsible for Madhukar's death.


G Swathi Widow of Madhukar Reddy Tries Killing herself by drinking acidic liquid

Swathi lodged a complaint with the Bhongir police. Dismissing her in-laws' allegations of foul play behind Madhukar's death, Swathi said her husband had been going through a lot of depression for the last one year.

She told a TV channel that she herself had asked for divorce because of his mood swings. "I told his parents to come to the US and observe him. If his behaviour towards me was abnormal, it meant that he was no longer interested in me and the way out was divorce," she said.

She added that she had medical records of Madhukar to prove that he was undergoing psychiatric counselling. She said one of the reasons for his depression was that the family was losing land in Bhongir, and the main reason was 'work related' as he himself had told doctors.