Thiruvonam Nakshathram 2017 Muhurat Timings Details

Onam2017 Thiruvonam Nakshathram muhurat timings (start day, end day) details, onam celebrations importance related old story of king who ruled his kingdom and his people so nicely that they fondly remember him every year. Onam 2017 celebrations have started on 25th August and will continue till end of 6th September and is the most important festival of kerala malayali people. thanking gods for the rice harvest, people from all communities celebrate with great fervour. Onam Muhurat Thiruvonam which is the most important day of Onam celebrations will be celebrated this year on Monday, 4th September. Thiruvonam Nakshathram Begins at 09:37 on 3rd September and ends on 11:18 on 4th september. 



START TIME - 09:37 ON 3rd SEPTEMBER (03-09-2017)

END TIME - 11:18 ON 4th SEPTEMBER (04-09-2017)


Significance Onam is celebrated to welcome the big demon king back to the land that he ruled once upon a time. During the reign of Mahabali Kerala experienced a time of prosperity and happiness and the king was revered by all his subjects. However, Mahabali was an egoist and fought with the Devas to showcase his supremacy. He defeated them and conquered their region and became lord of the two worlds. 

In order to celebrate his victory he decided to perform a yajna and proclaimed that whoever comes to him to ask for anything, they would be gratified. The Devas asked Lord Vishnu to wage war on Mahabali and get their kingdom back but he refused as Mahabali was his devotee. However, he thought of testing him, so he took avatar as a dwarf (Vamana avatar) and asked Mahabali for three paces of land. Mahabali agreed thinking the dwarf will not be able to ask a lot. 

But Lord Vishnu in the Vamana avatar increased his size and with two paces covered the entire kingdom of Mahabali, for the third pace Mahabali offered him his head. The God granted him a boon that he could visit his kingdom and people once a year and this visit are celebrated as Onam. Onam Celebrations People of Kerala go all out to show to their lovable king that they are happy and prosperous in his kingdom. They decorate their houses with flowers, colours and delectable feasts. Boat races, martial arts, folk dance, mask dance, elephants and nine-course meals consisting of 11 to 13 essential dishes and called Onasadya is served during the festival season.