Political games and fall outs of TDP (AP-State) and BJP (Centre)

"Andhra Pradesh Bundh (8th February 2018)" for "Special Status": Political derivations:

Does AP (Andhra Pradesh) mean AP (Arunachal Pradesh)? Everybody avoids this question but knows the answer with all the clarity. Politics benefits Politicians and not people by any means at all. Politics for Politicians means "polytricks"(Many tricks).

"Special Status" is not entitled for Andhra Pradesh technically and everybody knows it from the Center (Delhi) to the State (Amaravathi). But all play ignorance of it before people who themselves do not know what special status is ? After much demand of the issue, Prime Minister Modi safely and neatly unburdened the whole issue by using the CM of AP, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, that the "Special Package" was better than "Special Status". And, Chandra Babu did it with all ease keeping eye on "huge package" to the tune of 4 to 5 lakh crores of rupees. Later on, the BJP  announced few schemes and by letting know through the Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley that the Center had already kept its promise by granting 90% of "Special Package" and only a 10% of it was due from the Center.


Chandra Babu means "Big Babu" for all TDP Cadre who is very shrewed politician. In the past, he was the 'Man' who worked for the unity of National and Regional Opposition Parties  to fight against the Congress and BJP at National level. He knows how to get into shoes of anybody and get out easily. People of the State could not sense even today that the Andhra Pradesh State was divided due to TDP when got into the shoes of the Congress and signed for 'no objection'. By entering into the political partnership with the BJP in 2014 elections, he got through them and taken Centre's projects, like, Capital Building and Polavarm into State's projects and received huge amounts from the Centre.
Now, as 2019 elections are due Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu is at compulsion to rise voice against BJP but due to political means he is going soft by not joining the State's sponsored "Bundh". On the other hand, the Center would not grant anything more to Andhra Pradesh before 2019 elections as BJP has no ground in it, Anyway, time is out.

The interesting another phenomenon is in between BJP and TDP there comes Jana Sena (Pavan Kalyan) who acts as a buffer between the two to nullify and counter YSRCP coming to power and aims at cleaving (dividing) the vote bank of Andhra Pradesh. The Indian National Congress is a 'dead wood' now in the State.


At the end of all, it is the people of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh who would turn out to be people of "Nallamala Forests" (of Western Ghats). Now time is ripen for the war between Rayalaseema and rest of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. These political games, work outs and fall outs are at operation in the hearts and minds of politicians and are moving around people for support.