Prime Minister Narendra Modi while campaigning for 2014 elections, he beat his chest with histrionic talents all along around the Nation campaigning that people were taxed heavily and used the word 'Tax Terrorism' and promised to make the country "Tax free". Consequently People believed him and his speeches and gave "good mandate" for a better rule and Governance. But, what followed in the last four years, one need not explain as all are “self explanatory”. The Demonetization and its consequences, GST and its implementation excluding the prime items like petrol and liquor products, all ultimately led to more fiscal deficit, fall in GDP and rise in price index. People are perplexed the way overall life conditions are deteriorating and keep silent for a suitable time to express their dissatisfaction and anger. For a common man, the budgetary provisions are simplified as a symbolic presentation

The 2018 budget, with "Farmer Sutra" of BJP clearly demonstrates their intention of fooling people of all sectors (farmers, corporate, employees and pensioners) with "word and figure juggleries" and at the same time thrusting more taxes as there is no other go than imposing taxes for "Development Sutra" and ultimately concede that country would sustain only through collection of more taxes, thus, overlooking its earlier promise of saving the country from 'Tax Terrorism'. The very fact of "Sharpest single day fall of Sensex / Nifty in 15 months" is clear that they don’t' have miracles in their hands to handle any more the country and its economy. The "Farmer Sutra" proposed by Arun Jaitely may turn out to be a sharp blade against the farmer.

The expenditure is high to run the government rather than improving the life conditions of people. People of India are used to 'false promises' and live life of their own overlooking the 'political gullible'. That is the culture of us, anyway! It is now the time for people to think of transferring "power" to other "Sustainable “who could take the country forward. This is the ground reality of the country as on today.