GST!? Who is happy – the People or the Business People or the Government over Revenues!

What does GST stand for, anyway ?

Does it mean ‘Goods Service Tax’ or ’Gabbar Singh Tax” or ‘God Sex Truth’!

Why is the ’GST’ subjected to a ‘mockery’ upon its implementation?

Is it due to varied categories of Service Tax ( 0 – 5 -12 – 18 – 28% )?

Or is it not to bring all goods into one category?

Why Is it those goods like, ‘Petrol, Liquor & Tobacco’ products levied heavy tax and not brought under GST. Is it that if they are brought under GST and more so under uniform category like that of other countries – that the economy of our country would be doomed. Then, why such an awareness advertisements on small and big screens and paper advertisements that they affect ‘health’ considerably? Is it not a ‘mockery’? That the governance is not really worried about the health of the Indian society but only ‘Indian Economy’ by any means! With all the above whether the much expected Nation’s economy improved? The answer is a big “No”. As a matter of fact, the revenues slip down to huge margin than before GST. This is an alarming state of Country’s economy. On the other hand, ‘GST’(God Sex Truth) cinema is going well on internet screens, but at the ground level the GST (Goods Service Tax) is lagging behind as its implementation is at the helm of affairs. People are utterly confused what stands for. Nobody is happy with the so called GST; either people or business sector or the Government. Then, how is that the GST in other countries is all well and going well.

Some radical changes in Governance in public interest alone would save the country. The ‘Demonetization’ in 2016 and GST in 2017 and collapse of banking sectors in 2018, all would add a great burden on the shoulders of much burdened people. Let the Country awake, its Governance, its Political milieu and from ground level problems and realities and keep the house in order with internal discipline. Let not the country solely depends on taxes from unhealthy sectors like, liquor, tobacco and petrol products.