Namo (Narendra Modi) Stands for Divinity (2014)

Ammo (an expression of fear factor) (2018)

‘NAMO’ TURNS ‘AMMO’ in Governance and Political Expressions

Narendra Modi (Na ..Mo) in 2014 was considered as a godly Man for the upliftment of India from all types of crises (Economic, Political and Religions). But, by 2018, he started blaming the Congress for the misrule in the past 50 years and not accepting his inability of Governance ! 

1. He promised that if people would elect him, he would get back all ‘black money’ of India lying in foreign countries. It is now four years, he forgot the promise quietly and realized that all the black money is lying with domestic people of all types and now more people of the country are afraid to keep their money (gold & wealth) away from Modi and Jaitley. They silently quip; if put money in bank, there is no guarantee to get back as people like, Vijay Malya, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi would take away and leave the country through political influence and if hide the money at Home, Narendra Modi keeps an eye on it. Really people are loss and are at crossroads.

2. Modi while demonetizing big notes, begged from people 50 days to transform India as ‘Sunrise India’. The country has slipped into fiscal deficit’ and registered with lowering GDP from 2016 to  the present.

3. Then the GST came up and all confusion prevailed in business – economics and commerce sectors! No uniformity in GST and excluding liquor & Petrol and Tobacco products mounting pressures on the Government now.

4. And of latest Punjab National Bank scam to the tune of 11,232 crores  affiliated to Nirav Modi and 4,500 crores of Rotomac Pens and banking defaults unearths the state of ‘banking System’ in the country. The Jewller, Nirvav Modi safely left the country with all dignity and decorum like that of  Airliner Vijay Malya. The Government expresses its innocence as if not aware of their leaving. Is it believable!?

5. Narendra Modi promised to have ‘Tax Free India’ and would erase ‘tax terrorism’ if he would come to power. The result – people are taxed more and more particularly the employed sector. Increasing salaries through 7th Pay Commission to the employees without stretching the ‘TAX SLABS’ – The governance trapped / forced the lower paid categories within the ‘Tax payable structure’.  It is a wonder how the Central Govt. Employees Union have not taken up the issue with the Govt and resolve the issue as it is their fundamental right. More salaries are paid but taken back through ‘Source Deduction’ by not changing the TAX SLABS according to wage revisions. The Finance Minister claims that 40% increase in tax payers. 

6. A lot of interest has been shown on ‘Wellbeing Of Cow’ but not stopped the existing ‘Slaughtering mechanism’.  The Prime Minister Narendra Modi wouldn’t speak on it.

7. And then lastly, Last but not the least,  what has happened to ‘Ram Mandir’ in Ayodhya? Will it be the next political stage of present Governance that ‘put back in power’ ‘Ram Mandir’ would be built in 100 days. Does it mean people are stupid or Ignorant?

8. It has become common to pass the buck on Congress as everything cropped up from their misrule?  When the power lies in the hands and not acting tough, itself means standing testimony to ‘incapability of Governance’.

9. Then who would be given ‘reins of power’ to tide over the present state of the  country & people from ‘Crossroads’?

10. Would Narendra Modi lead a life of solitude and peace limiting himself to Gujarat ? Or would he try his level best to match  his words to deeds for bettering things  and promises. Time alone be the testimony of future of politics through polytricks.