Veeramachineni Krishna Rao Diet Plan For Diabetics, Weight loss Review Opinion

Veeramachineni Krishna Rao health tips, advises, diet, food intake suggestion opinion review (cons, negatives, disadvantages) by nutritionists, health experts, doctors in general. The diet plan suggested by Veeramachineni Krishna Rao for weight loss (obesity), cure of diabetes, arthritis, B.P. and others, is not a tenable one scientifically but involves risk factors if followed "Fat & Protein rich diet" as it would lead to Liver & Kidney problems, like, fatty liver and Gout conditions. Only certain aspects can be taken or considered from his "Four Pillar Method of Diet Plan". However, all is not correct.The main flaw is his consideration and emphasis on Fats & Proteins in lieu of Carbohydrates. But the fact is that excessive fats and proteins release more uric acid and if prolonged it results into gout conditions (disease associated with kidneys) and fatty liver.

Veeramachineni Diet Plan Review Opinion (Weight loss, Diabetics, Arthritis, BP)

A review opinion of  Veeramachineni diet plan for weights loss, diabetics, arthritis. Carbohydrates require dilute acids to digest (breakdown) while fats and proteins require highly concentrated acids for breakdown (digestion). Thus, urine acidity is caused by excessive uric acid in the body. Only the kidneys should clear the excessive uric acid failing which results in 'gout' conditions in the body and the liver develops into 'fatty'. Therefore, a vegetable diet with balanced carbo-protein-fat helps kidneys and liver to discharge their functions normally and naturally and eliminate the uric acid easily or make it neutral. Further, only balanced diet and exercise/physical work are required for proper health while dealing with "metabolic disorders like, obesity, diabetes and Blood Pressure.

Unscientific, Half-knowledge Approach & Preaching to Public by Veeramachineni

Krishna Rao is not aware of nutritional facts of food and its repercussions on the body"s structure-function-disease. His approach is crude with only "oral emphasis" .It seems his "four pillar method of diet plan" is borrowed one and not knowing the risks involved in "high fat & Protein diet" even for 4 to 5 months. And he is not aware of "Pyramid diet method" approved scientifically across the world.

The above content is a view point and appraisal but not intended to criticize the advocacy of Veeramachineni Krishna Rao.

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