Indian Society And Traditional Economy

India is a large country which by and large depends on rural agricultural economy followed by small scale business economy sectors besides industrialization. The mindset of Indian people  is traditional  and restricted themselves to cash exchange system of life course. However, knowing the fact of Indian way of life systems and patterns, the sudden decision of the Government to switch over to “cashless economy” through swiping mechanism of bank associated debit cards put people to lot of confusion and chaos as they are not used to such payments overnight. 

Only a 10% of the Indian Population could go for such transfers. As a matter of fact, this enforcement came into being due to shortage of currency followed by demonetization.  This has been the wrong step of the Government before containing the other needed measures. First the government should have put an end to the corruption, black money at grass roots and then think of other developmental measures. However, knowing that they could not arrest such practices as agencies themselves are corrupt from Supreme Court to ordinary Lower Sessions Court, where prescribed transactions digitally, the rest cash wise.  The real Estate, hospital and the whole of health sector, the gold transfers – education institutions, catering services, all now adopt such dual methods of transactions.

The government is able to collect taxes only through salaries leaving aside all other means. And  the government survives through levying various service taxes on petrol, liquor & tobacco products (only with cuddling warning signals as tobacco chewing, alcoholic consumption and cigarette smoking are injurious to health. This has become a challenging issue to any government in India when comes to power. That is why no Governance speaks on this much needed public issue and the present Government is no exception.

‘Development’, as a matter of fact, is not an issue of the Government. It is people’s issue because ‘development’ is a self built mechanism of people. When the government is indifferent to people, people would also be indifferent to the Government in participation of “forced developmental measures” on them. This is the ground reality.

Cash Less and going digitalization is of peoples’ concern. You can’t thrust it on people like that of families planning coercion.  Even Governments have fallen consequent to such implementation by force.

Last but not the least; the Government cannot force people to come to their line of ‘mode’ after seeking their mandate. They soon put the Government at bay through anti-incumbency Vote. 

The Government’s exchequer is high on the President, the Governor, the parliamentary structure for Government establishments,  the high salaries for seasoned politicians and others should be stopped before going to all other Public measures which are not feasible.  This is much anticipatory and expected lines of any Government that rules the Country.