What do people expect from democratic governance? (In the context of India)


Democracy means people’s Government. It is for the people, by the people and of the people. It should be true to the definition. People should not, therefore, feel otherwise in the course of time that they have been deprived by the constitutional provision extended in principle. They should not be subjected to let down by the rulers once stepped into the power. But what is happening in this dubious play of political governance where democracy is for the name namesake and autocracy is in action as “Snake in the Monkey's Shadow” a symbolism for ‘democracy in the fold of autocracy’.

People wish to support a leader who protects and heads them for betterment in the areas of wellness and Wellbeing of the society and nation. The very leader turns against to this basic norm in course of time of rule and starts to cash on people for his own wellness and wellbeing and affiliated political party, and then the very constitutional rights of the people are at stake.

The constitution of India envisages “a sovereign socialistic secular democratic republic” and to secure to all its citizens, Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation. But in reality at ground level there seem to be nothing in existence. The Justice that has to be extended in social, economic and political arenas, people are denied through delayed and indifferent means. People feel, “Justice delayed is justice denied” and the law is tight for the common man and loose for the big, i.e., socio-economic and political offenders. Same is the case with the ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’.  In such situation how could it be possible to promote ‘fraternity’ among all excepting making out slogans, “unity in diversity” and “Vasudaika Kutumbam” (one nation & one family).

‘Technology’ that decides the ‘winner’ over the other. That is what happening in the human history around the world through time. Whether it is ‘green revolution’ (Agriculture) or ‘White Revolution (Milk and its products) or ‘Industrial Revolution’ and “weaponry revolution” have had their effects on human progress and development in time and space.

People and cultural revolutions around the world:-

People were once only once mere social populations, then transformed to economic populations and of late turn themselves to political populations.  It is the mandatory of the leadership of the Government to realize the socio-economic-political context of the country and extend the fruits of science & technology to the people of all backgrounds and bring them to the “mainstream”. Then only the Social Revolution: Societal well being (education and social upliftment); Economic Revolution: Trade (Agricultural, Industrial and others); and Political Means: ‘Resourceful’ means & nation Development would lead to the “Sustainable Development” of Peoples’ wellbeing & Wellness. Otherwise, In spite of all progress, people are seen existing in different back grounds as before as Nomads, Tribes, Rural, Urban and Ultra Modern types of differentiation. The most selfish and advanced one is who is ‘modern’ enjoying the fruits of development in time and space. This must, however, be ‘contained’. People are to exist with ‘equal opportunities’, ‘universal mind’’ & ‘universal brotherhood”. That is the true democratic governance of the people, society and nation.